Fresh Coat of Paint

For a long time, I have wanted a site to call mine. Sure, I’ve had my blog a little while. But I really wanted to have my own domain.

This past week, I had an epiphany: it was something that made me feel more alive than I have in a long time. The notes that I took for my idea was a bit crazy, very ambitious, but yet calming and attainable.[1]

I ended up buying two: one with future intentions, and one that I wanted to use here. So, I went to the place that everyone (and the mother of any podcaster out there) will tell you to use: Hover. And every single top-level domain (TLD) for “nahumck” was available. This should shock exactly no one.

Now that I had[2], I needed to link it to my site. I’ve had a site for a long time, but it was their web address. I wanted it to be fully mine (did you notice the address bar at the top?). Again, I ultimately wanted simple, so I kept my site at WordPress after some back and forth with other options. And aside from the theme I chose that spruced up the joint, the rest should be transparent to you.[3]

Now that the site is set up and done, I can finish a few more workflows, and then get to what I’ve always intended this to be – a place for me to share my thoughts. I can get to writing to help me. And if I get lucky, perhaps I will help someone else along the way.

Welcome to the new site!

I wanted to say a very special thanks to Seth Clifford. He has helped with a lot of guidance this week. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate his help and his friendship.💙

  1. More on this at a later date.  ↩
  2. Yes, Rob — I know that was available. And although I considered it, the .me is better. So sorry.  ↩
  3. If I’m being honest, it’s probably transparent to me also. I’m not a whiz at this stuff.  ↩

Father’s Day 2015

This morning, as with many weekend mornings, I was awoken by my youngest son. “Hi Daddy! Boo!” It was 6:30am, and although it is a perfectly reasonable time for me to be awake, I was hoping to get at least a little bit of extra sleep.

He noticed that I didn’t have a shirt on. “Daddy, shirt!” (I’m not sure if it was because I normally sleep with one on, or if he is making a passive-aggressive attempt at calling me fat, but I digress…) He then proceeded to go over to the dresser, and open up my t-shirt drawer. He grabbed the first shirt he could, and brought it over to me. “Here Daddy! Come on! Downstairs!”

Although he woke me up early, I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s learning so much, and he is such a polite boy. He always says thank you, and most times says please.

I’m sure I did similar things when I was a kid with my dad (probably not as gracious, however). Perhaps it was even worse for my dad. One thing is for sure — he’s proud of his grandson in two ways: 1) for being a polite, sweet, smart boy and 2) for waking his daddy up because it’s payback for the times that I did it to him!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, and most of all to the wonderful example that I have in my life. Love you, Dad!

New Things Coming

As of late, I have had a lot of things on my plate. Life has had its series of challenges for myself and my family, which has lead to neglect of several things in my life. I am the single biggest thing I neglect. As a part of that, I like writing. I’m not particularly great at it. But I don’t have to be. And that’s the point — I just need to do it. It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be good. It just needs to be. So hopefully with the implementation of a few key things based on the suggestion of friends and family, I will be writing more about things I love, things I hate, and everything in between.(And if I can figure it all out, it will be on a new website – because it’s 2015 and I need something better than what I have.)

More to come…