The Right Tool for the Job

There has been growing discussion lately about apps of choice, why you should choose them, and which apps are better. I’ve talked about my affection for 2Do and Drafts at length, and I get asked often about moving to these apps because of what I’ve written. And while that is a humbling thing to know what I write helps people and is something that I immensely appreciate, I usually respond in the same way:

“[This app] isn’t for everyone. Use what works best for you.”

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Using Drafts As A Main Text Editor

Drafts — Where text starts on iOS. This has been the tag line for the app since its inception. Many people use this as their single place of text input and output, exporting ideas to other apps for a myriad of reasons. It supports writing styles like MultiMarkdown; it supports scripting via JavaScript and x-callback-url schemes for easy use with other applications, making it one of the most versatile apps on the App Store.

The main use of Drafts is writing down ideas, and then sending them to another app. Sometimes, I get an idea for a post (like this one), write down my thoughts, and then send it elsewhere for long-form writing. But is that really necessary? Do I really need to move these items out of Drafts? Why couldn’t I write everything I want within the app from start to finish? The answer is simple: I can do everything here. And maybe what you need to do to use Drafts as a main text editor is set things up for how you need it to work now and in the future.
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