A Decade of Drafts

I was a late iPhone adopter. I held on tight to my BlackBerry for way too long. It wasn’t until the iPhone 4S that I made my way over to the iPhone. And then a new opportunity really opened up for me – the App Store. There was a lot more development happening on iOS than any other platform, and there were new possibilities for me to explore. Of all the apps the App Store had to offer, one of the most transformative apps for me at the time was, you guessed it…
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Flexible Packing List in Drafts

Recently, I created a shortcut for the Club MacStories Discord as part of the Automation Academy. If you’re not a member, I highly recommend doing so. This shortcut was in response to the latest lesson, all about Reminders. I’ve been meaning to create this for a while, and it seemed like a good idea to apply this lesson in practice.

From the Discord:

I’ve been using packing lists in Drafts for a long time. Once it is created in Drafts, I send a single task over to Reminders with a link back to the packing list. This has worked well for years, but when I read the piece by Federico, I thought that maybe it’d be a good idea to make a customizable, variable shortcut for a packing list in Reminders instead.
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Drafts 29: Autocomplete

With Techtober coming to an end, all of the major OS releases from Apple are finally out there, however buggy they may be. And of course, Drafts 29 has been released to accommodate the features in them. But some of the new features aren’t even dependent on the latest OS releases, and add new levels of functionality to an amazingly capable app. Not only does the Mac have full Shortcuts support with the release of macOS Monterey – which as an iOS/iPadOS user I won’t be writing about here – but Drafts also added new autocomplete options to its feature set. This post will go over what they are, what they do, and how I have incorporated them in my daily practice.
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