Notes and Taxes

There are two certain things in this world: death and taxes. And since I’m not dead yet, I’ll have to do some adulting on a yearly basis and do my taxes. I’m not upset about paying taxes; in fact, I’m one of those people that likes knowing how my taxes work and figuring it out myself, because it’s my money. And sometimes, doing some tedious tasks bring me joy. It’s a sickness really. But I digress…
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A Little Note on Notes

As I was preparing to receive my Apple Watch,1 I started gathering different information that I wanted to refer to when setting it up. I used to make saving links a breeze, and I like the way they are saved because they are visually appealing.

I also encountered several watch face layouts along the way that I wanted to keep in mind when setting it up. When I started adding the images, they weren’t visually in the right spot; I wanted to have them indented to the right. Turns Out™, that’s not possible in But I ended up stumbling on a feature of that I didn’t even know existed.
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